What is Dynamic Retargeting in video?

“Tender Industries Dynamic retargeting in video is a powerful combination of Creative Optimization
fully integrated with our Personalized Targeting solution.”

What are the benefits?

“A service designed for increased return on investment (ROI) by focused advertising on your target group.”

Presenting the right offer and product in your video advertising campaign is one crucial component for overall success.
With dynamic retargeting in video – in banner or in stream – you get the best presentation of your message in perfect match with your preferred audience.

How does it work?

“With Tender Industries Dynamic retargeting in video the creation of dynamic videos are fully optimized in real time, based on data and visitor behaviour on any type of e-commerce site or webpage.
This makes every single ad personal and unique.”


This is the customer experience: Your visitor browses a specific product at your site. When browsing into a web tv channel or regular site within our vast network of publishers, the visitor is retargeted and a video ad with the specific product and recommendations for deeper customer engagement is delivered to the viewer. The video ads are displayed in banner and in stream (pre-rolls).

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