Brand New Clip - a publishing service

What is Brand New Clip?
- It is a smart phone app that gives you the freedom to create stunning video segments on the fly. Thanks to a number of automated processes the result is end result is fully professional and can be aired on TV or the web.

What are the benefits?
With a smart phone in your pocket you make sure you never miss the magic moment to shoot something amazing.
The time to publish your fully professional piece decreases from hours to a couple of minutes.

How does it work?
In your app you supply our service with the relevant information in standard text fields. On our servers we automatically convert the same info to stunning graphics at your desire. At the same time we mix your sound with music and color grade your video to get the best result. Once we are done we publish your piece to a desired location. For instance; Youtube, a homepage, blog or other social media.

Tender Industries, Brännkyrkagatan 103B, 117 26 Stockholm. E-mail: [email protected]